VOIP - Voice Over IP

Can your employees work productively from anywhere using voice apps on their smartphones? Conduct remote business meetings via web conferencing without requiring apps? Service customer requests via website live chat? With 3CX PBX they can do this and much more.

The freedom of choice doesn’t end there, with 3CX you can choose to deploy on-premise on Windows or Linux, in your private cloud account or opt for 3CX to host your PBX for you. Whatever your preference, you are guaranteed a hassle-free PBX that requires minimum management. Get 3CX free for one year and future proof your business today!

PBX: Reinvented for remote workforce

Built for remote working.
Cloud or on-premise.
Easy to install and manage.
Secure, reliable, flexible.

Video Conferencing: App-free & easy

No hassle video conferencing.
Presentation & remote assistance tools.
Smartphone apps to meet on-the-go.
For unlimited users.

Live Chat: Maximize website conversions

Convert visitors to leads & sales.
Elevate chats to calls or video.
Enhance customer experience.
One easy interface for all.

Remote Learning

Create your Virtual Classroom

Let Students Take Center Stage

Record Classes

Keep Engagement High

Encourage Interaction

Arrange 1-2-1 meetings

Utilize Instant Messaging

Connect using 3CX Live Chat and Talk


The future of communications lies in VoIP and SIP. Using just an active internet connection, VoIP
enables voice and video calls on a global scale.

Remote Work

Reduces Cost

Boosts Profit

Attracts Talent

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Easy Simple Powerful

It is time to replace your company’s outdated PBX today with 3CX. This solution makes management and installation easy.
Unlimited Capabilities.

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